Previous Client Testimonials

The following page contains information from past clients about cases handled by Attorney Zaki Ali. This information has not been reviewed by the Indiana State Bar. The facts and circumstances of your case are unique, and may differ from the cases described on our website. Additionally, not all client reviews have been provided in this list. Every case is different, and each client's case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits. The experiences of past clients are not to reflect the potential of future cases.

  • Zaki is a lawyer with experience and knowledge of the law.

    I hired Zaki Ali to represent me in a possession of marijuana case. I have a lengthy criminal background but I hadn't been in any trouble in almost 20 years. When I first consulted with Zaki I explained to him that I had consulted with a few other lawyers that were cheaper than him. With alot of confidence, Zaki told me that if I felt that the "other" lawyers could do what he could do he would have no hard feelings if I hired one of them. He didn't make any promises but I could tell that this guy knew what he was doing. I was instantly sold and paid him in full before I left his office. Zaki's confidence, experience and knowledge of the law definately makes him a must have lawyer for any legal matter. Because of Zaki Ali my charges were dismissed!!! I have alot of respect for this man but I don't plan on ever being in a situation to have to hire him again. However, I do recommend Zaki to anyone who happens to find themselves in a legal matter.

  • One hell of a lawyer

    One hell of a lawyer. I will refer Zaki Ali to anyone who needs a great lawyer as well as friend. Don't look elsewhere, hire the best..won my case. I don't think any other defense attorney would or could have done that? A great lawyer who cares, about the situation an not the money. hope he runs for office. He's got my vote. Zaki Ali was there for me anytime I needed advice or just to talk about my case. Hopefully other lawyers will take heed an learn from him.

  • A Great Lawyer, A Better Man!

    I hired Zaki in may of 2012 to handle my criminal case. The court proceedings were continued and delayed so many times that the case is just now finally over, with the defendant being found not guilty, might I add. I work out of town and had to travel several hundred miles in most cases to return for my court appearances. Zaki and his staff were great about keeping me informed and up to date on changes being made so that I did not have to miss work or travel without reason. They also made me feel very comfortable about my situation always showing full confidence in myself and my side of the story. Intelligent, Charismatic, Prepared, and Caring are all words that I would use to describe Zaki, however, once inside the courtroom there is only one way to describe him and that is PROFESSIONAL! No matter what the Prosecutor did (i.e. not remembering how she made the projector work during the defense's first witness.) Zaki smiled and remain professional. Throughout the trial my Mother was in the courtroom and Zaki could tell that she was worried. He constantly kept checking on Her and reminding Her that everything was going to be ok. Then once everything was final and we had time to relax and enjoy life again Zaki gave a courtesy call to my Mother just to make sure she was doing ok. No obligation, no incentive just good old fashion caring and concern for another human being. Would I recommend this Lawyer to a friend? YES! But most importantly if I ever again find myself on the wrong side of a bad situation I will hire him! (Although I really hope there is never a reason for me to need his services again!)

  • His staff was wonderful from the first day I walked into his office

    I went through a very bad time in my life and had some trouble. I don't know what was gonna happen Zaki helped me through I would have to say everything from on what to do step by step what was to be expected from myself and it all was a lot less stressful knowing I had him on my side... I would recommend him for any judicial problems... His staff was wonderful from the first day I walked into his office and still if I ever have the slightest questions they are so friendly and take the stress and worry out. I still thank him everytime I see any of them... It's like they understood very well what has happened and what was gonna happen. I would recommend them in any type of legal issues anyone has...


    A few years ago I was accused and convicted of domestic violence and after the verdict was made I was forced too live with a felony on my record before this alleged incident I didn't have a criminal record at all. Well the lawyer that I had didn't give me any positive options,but when I met "Zaki Ali" he told me I should petition for(AMS) Alternative Misdemeanor Sentencing and guess what as of this week I am person no longer living with a felony on my record... At this time I would like too thank Mr. Zaki Ali and his staff for there incredible job that they did for me and I most definitely would recommend him for legal representation.

  • Great Representation

    Mr. Ali and his associates kept me updated throughout the whole process. They were quick to respond to all of my questions went into court with confidence due to the very proffessional and positive attitude that Zaki Ali presents in the court room. I walked out on a diversion for possesion of marijuana and failure to yield no fines due. Excellent representation 100% Recommended.

  • Ecstatically pleased and very impressed

    my name is johnny and recently hired mr. ali ive had many different attorneys in the past 28 years and i can honestly say he's the very best. he is honest, curtious,compassionate and dependable. he is a people person yet very proffessional. i would recomend him to anyone. he done an outstanding job for me . and at an unbelieveable good price. THANK YOU MR. ALI

  • Best Lawyer

    Mr. Ali work with me on post conviction relief. I had a D felony that was over 15 years old. I went to three other lawyers before meeting with Zaki all of them told me they could not help. I explained my striation to Zaki and he said he would find a way to help. It took some time to get done but he found a way to help. I cannot say enough great things about Zaki his passion and zeal for justice for his clients is unmatched. The professionalism and courtesy of Zaki and his office staff was refreshing after talking to the other lawyers. If you want someone who will fight for justice for you Zaki is who I will recommend to anyone I know. Zaki has help to improve my life by getting this conviction removed it help me tremendously at my job and has open the door to a future in law enforcement for me. He has not only helped by getting the felony removed he has also personal spoke to a police chief for me and gave his endorsement. This is just one more example of how dedicated and committed he is to help.

  • Excellent Attorney!!

    Zaki is a man of his word. Very knowledgable of the laws. I would refer him to anyone in need.

  • Outstanding Lawyer

    I just got out of high school and got charged with an OWI. I was on my way to college in the fall and Mr. Ali did everything he could to make sure the court process did not interfere with my studies. He got the OWI reduced to PI with no probation. He did not want me to have to deal with probation while attending college. He truly cared and believed in me. He wanted to do everything he could to make sure this did not get in the way of my success as a student and my future success in my career.

  • BEST

    Mr. Ali handled a drug case for me and I was so scared I was going to prison, but I got a second chance because of Mr Ali....He new that I was a good person inside and he worked with me and my family and got me probation instead of prison time.....I just want to say MR. ALI IS THE BEST PROFESSIONAL, EXCELLENT ATTORNEY I HAVE EVER MEET AND I WANT TO THANK HIM FOR A JOB WELL DONE....

  • Keeping it Real!

    I hired Zaki to handle my DUI on a recomendation from my brother and could not be happier with my discision. Not only did he get several other charges dismissed, he handled everything with such style. He made every interaction with him seem so informal and made me feel comfortable all the way through this chaotic situation. Right down to the moment on the stand, he still took the pressure out of the situation and made me feel relaxed. Zaki is a genuine kind of guy that truely loves his job and his clients. He will be my go to attorney for any future needs in the Anderson/Muncie area!

  • A Committed, Caring Lawyer

    I had a difficult matter that other lawyers wouldn't touch. Not only was Zaki willing to help, but resolved my case with professionalism and determination. I owe him a lot.

  • Man with a plan.

    Due to an enhancement of having two dui/owi in 5 years I was up against a class D felony charge. It took a little time but thanks to Zaki I was able to get the D dismissed and ended up with a C misdemeanor, with only 60 days of probation. I was truly looking for a dismissal in this case but through his hard work and diligence I will not have to worry about a felony for the rest of my life. There are to many innocent people in our prisons now a days and thanks to Zaki I will not be one of them. Thanks again Zaki.

  • wrongfully accused of domestic battery

    I was wrongfully accused of domestic battery. Mr. Ali was never judgemental about the charge. he was very professional and easy to talk to. I whould highly reccomend Zaki Ali for your legal needs

  • Got my license reinstated after a 2yr probationary term & the charge reduced to a misdemeanor

    I drove for many years without a license. My record had several scars by doing so. The last time I was stopped coming home from work (as usual) I was informed that the matter would be a felony charge!!! I was in shock, I never knew that I could be charged and sent to prison with a felony for driving on a suspended license. Not to mention not having any notification from the BMV that they them selves given my license an HTV 5 yr suspension. He was able to get me my license reinstated after a 2yr probationary term and the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor .

  • Couldn't have asked for more.

    From my first meeting with Mr. Ali I was confident that my case was in good hands. Every meeting after that reinforced this idea. Mr. Ali was mindful of my worries, feelings and over all state of mind. I also knew from the beginning he was someone I could trust. Mr. Ali advised me on what would be best for me to do between my initial hearing and my final hearing. I was impressed with the way he presented to the judge, and prosecution my past, present and future. He instilled confidence about me in court. After Mr. Ali's address to the court the prosecuting attorney referred to me as "refreshing'" I compared the outcome of my case with several others with the exact same factors , and my sentencing was by far more positive. I believe between Mr. Ali's strength in the court room, his down-to-earth nature outside the court room, paired with his awesome staff I couldn't not have found a better attorney. Thank you Mr. Ali, Julie, and Crystal.


    I was charge with a DUI. Zaki got me through that as quick and painless as possible.Six months later I was charded with a DUI and A Probation violation. He was able to get the courtto let me post bail and eventually drop the probation violation. The DUI charge and the HTV was a little tougher. Zaki gave me a big list of things to do and told me to get them completed and he would be able to get my license back. It took eighteen month and a lot of work but today I have a valid license.I was told by three other attorneys that it could not be done. I honestly believe that no one but Zaki Ali could have got this done. His hard work and knowledge and determination to get this done for me was unbelievable.

  • Zaki is the lawyer you need!

    Zaki did an excellent job. He got me pled down to a lesser charge in my case. I definitely appreciate all the time and effort he put into the case to leave me in a better situation then what I was looking at. Money well spent!

  • Hung Jury

    Zaki was appointed as my public defender. He kept me well informed about the case as we prepared for jury trial. He did a very good job in the court room. Took my case seriously. I was facing 20 years and Zaki worked hard and we received a hung jury- 11 not guilty 1 guilty.

  • Zaki Ali is top notch for honesty,understanding, and producing results!

    By the time I turned 27 I was considered a habitual traffic offender and had violated a driving probation by getting more speeding tickets. He resolved this mishap promptly... I was thankful but really foolish yet again and got a DUI and a DWS charge... I thought it was the end of the road for me but he took care of me. Be honest with Mr.Ali and his office and they will be honest with you...

  • Elwood Battery Case Dismissed

    I was arrested for a battery case in Elwood, Indiana. After a lot of hard work and time, Zaki was able to get my case dismissed by the State.

  • I highly recommend Zaki

    I was in need of an attorney for a DWI offense. I was recommended to 2 different attorney's. The first attorney I called I received a voicemail, I then called Zaki's office and his staff was very helpful and was sincerely concerned with my case. His office staff was very professional and motivated. I had my first meeting with Zaki approximately 2 weeks later at 6:30 in the evening. I don't know very many attorney's who love what they do more than Zaki to stay after hours to meet with clients. Zaki was very eager to take my case and was very honest and forward with me. He got me out of my DUI offense and the state dismissed everything. I highly recommend Zaki if you ever make the mistake of driving after one has had some drinks.

  • Reliable and then some!

    Mr. Ali in my own opinion is by far the best criminal attorney out there! Very Trustworthy, Very Aggresive criminal lawyer. Mr Ali has always kept me well informed of what's going on in my cases! This is the third time i have trusted Mr. Ali to represent me in the passed 5 years. I was facing a serious amount of Jail/Prison time for something i didn't do in my most recent case and did not do one day of time. I was facing four class D felonies and got them all dismissed. So trust me when i say Mr. Ali has faught very hard for me and my freedom more than once! He's the man with the plan! Nobody will go to bat for you like this man! His office staff is more than helpful not to mention everyone of them are very sweet and kindhearted! I am very thankful for them as well! They have all made this long and stressful ordeal a lot easier for me to say the least! Thanks Again for Mr. Ali and his very helpful staff!

  • Zaki was able to have his entire case dismissed

    In 2014 My fiancé was charged with a Class A Felony, after his jealous, vindictive ex-wife made horrible false allegations against him. We originally hired another attorney from Anderson who claimed to be amazing. Wrong! He made him feel horrible, gave him no legal help, and told him to take a plea deal for something he didn't do, just because he didn't want to try this case in a trial. He was scared to fight for him, so we fired him. We immediately hired Zaki Ali. He made my fiancé feel like his life was important to him. He kept us informed every single step of the way. We could get a hold of Zaki on his personal cell phone 24/7, because he cares. Working cases like this isn't just a job to Zaki. It's his passion, and that shows in the countless amount of hours he invested, the sleep lost, and the dedication he gave to help save my fiance's life. Today, Zaki was able to have his entire case dismissed. He has given him a second chance at life. Zaki, Julie, and Crystal are not just people who worked on his criminal case, nor are they just friends. The three of them are our family. We will forever be honored to know them and have them all three in our life. We couldn't have made it through this nightmare without them. Do not waste one more dollar on another attorney. No other attorney will give you the time, focus, compassion, and knowledge that Zaki and his team will give you. I say that with 110% confidence. Thank you Zaki, Julie, and Crystal. We love you guys.

  • Pleasure to work with!

    He's an awesome attorney who gets down to business and cares about his clients. He very knowledgeable and persistent. I would definitely recommend


    Zaki is wonderful to work with; there is a comfort upon meeting him that he is confident in his knowledge and skills. My case went on for less than a year and he was able to get it dismissed! He was friendly and extremely helpful, I would highly recommend him for any legal needs.

  • Mr. Ali in Anderson IN

    I used Mr. Ali on a case against me in Indianapolis. He and his staff treat you like family and it was evident they were vested in a positive outcome. Mr. Ali kept me informed about my case at every point in the process. It is quite clear he is a seasoned trial lawyer by the way he conducts himself in the court room. I would highly recommend him.

  • Not Guilty of Child Solicitation

    Words can't formulate or be pronounced out of my mouth when trying to describe Zaki Ali. This is the best trial lawyer in the state of Indiana. Not only would I recommend this attorney, but, I will also become an advocate for him. Don't go to trial without Zaki Ali. I received a Not Guilty Verdict in 13 minutes.

  • Integrity, Honesty and a Good man

    I met with Zaki in march of 2011, to discuss a drivers license which had been suspended since 1996 (HTV). I was told by a Judge that I would never again be allowed to drive. After meeting with Zaki and he had an opportunity to examine all of the facts, he took my case. He simply gave me a price and said he could do this, and it should be simple. Little did I know. There was an obsticle at every turn. The BMV had changes in requirements, the court lost paperwork it was honestly a nightmare. A lesser attorney, or a man with questionable resolve, would have quit and wished me well, I know that because it has happened. Zaki did not, he saw it through to the end. Today, fifteen months later, I am a licensed driver who will always be grateful to Zaki and Julie, for their persistance, professionalism and integrity. I did work very hard to get where I am at, but if someone doesn't believe that you have made the necessary changes, and is willing to go to bat for you, it sometimes seems as though it was a waste of time. I know that Zaki is an outstanding attorney, no question about that, but to me more importantly he is a better man. Zaki, I thank you, and just for the record you would have made one outstanding Marine Corps Officer.

  • Wrongfully accused Class D Felony Theft

    I was wrongfully accused and arrested for a Class D Felony Theft charge. I came to the office to meet with Zaki Ali. I told him my story. I also told him that I was innocent. I was relieved when he told me that he believed me, and he would be willing to take my case. I was devastated by the charges, and I wanted an attorney who would work hard for me . I chose the right one. My case was in the courts for 2 years, then I got a date for trial. Two days before my trial I received the wonderful news. The charges had been dropped. Zaki did not stop there though. He fought for an expongement of my records. We also won this case. I would highly recommend Zaki Ali.S

  • Simply the Best

    Zaki took control of the situation, gathered the facts and gave me a realistic, honest view of the case. Then he put me at ease, gave me guidance and made me feel like a brother more than a client. He is very professional yet he shows empathy, compassion and concern. He is candid when he needs to be, but also confident and assuring but no false promises. His staff was very friendly, accurate and prompt. My case was dismissed. Thank you Zaki Ali.

  • He's a man you can trust

    Mr. Ali is insightful and confidant. When facing serious charges, you need to be sure of your representation. Zaki Ali has the experience and vast knowledge of the law. This kind of support system can not be found just anywhere. More than a letterhead, or legal credentials, he is a person who cares. He has the knowledge to give the best possible defense. He got my 4 felonies reduced to 1 misdemeanor charge and just 1 year probation!!!!!

  • Restraining order case

    Zaki, was very detailed on my case and he understood what and how to address the courts.

  • Case dismissed

    He was straight forward. He is a great guy. He gets the job done. He communicates well with his clients. He treats his clients like friends and family and not just about business. That means a lot to me.

  • The right man for the job!

    He handled my case with no problems. Was courteous the entire time I work with him on my case and when it came time for my case I didn't even have to stand in front of a judge. He exceed my expectations in every way. I am more than satisfied with his service all the way around.

Client Testimonials

  • Best Lawyer

    - Mark

  • Couldn't have asked for more.

    - Zak M

  • Not Guilty of Child Solicitation

    - Kevin

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