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Attorney Zaki Ali

Dedicated To Legal Excellence. Dedicated To You.

The Help You Need In The Criminal Justice System

If you have been charged with a crime in Indiana, there is one thing you need to understand right from the start: The criminal justice system is not on your side. There is no one in the system who is truly there to help you. The judge and jury are trying to be neutral, the prosecuting attorney is there to get a guilty verdict and the maximum punishment possible, and even the public defender will make a paycheck regardless of whether or not you go to prison. No one within the system is all that motivated to help you.

No one within the criminal justice system is there to help you. You need an advocate to defend your rights in this powerful, daunting system.

Attorney Zaki Ali, Trial Lawyers and our legal team are here to help you. With more than 20 years of legal experience and personal knowledge of the pitfalls of the criminal justice system, attorney Ali takes his work personally. Our entire team follows his lead by fighting aggressively to help our clients avoid prison time and get the best results possible. We serve clients in Indianapolis, Anderson and Muncie, Indiana.

Your Criminal Solutions

We provide a strong defense against criminal charges that include:

This is a sampling of the types of criminal cases we handle. If you have been charged with any other type of crime, call us. We can help you.

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