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Indiana Marijuana Defense Lawyer

Indiana is not a medical marijuana state, so any possession, distribution, or manufacture is a violation of state law even if the substance was procured legally in another state. Although the political climate regarding marijuana laws seems to be shifting in other states, the drug is still illegal in Indiana.

In addition to marijuana itself, concentrates such as hashish and any associated paraphernalia are also banned in the state. Zaki Ali, Attorney at Law, is committed to defending the rights and freedom of the criminally accused.

Whether you’ve been charged with possession, sale, or manufacture of marijuana in Indiana, he has the knowledge and experience to build an effective criminal defense. As a national Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Attorney Zaki Ali will work tirelessly to obtain a favorable resolution on your behalf.


Types of Marijuana Crimes

Whether you call it weed, pot, reefer, or just marijuana, this drug is illegal in Indiana and is prosecuted very aggressively. The consequences for a marijuana conviction can be life-altering, so it’s imperative to contact a skilled Indianapolis marijuana attorney immediately if you’re facing drug crime charges.

Marijuana Possession in Indiana

As it relates to marijuana, possession includes both the drug as well as any plants you may be cultivating. The penalties are severe for this crime, but they will vary depending on how much marijuana is in your possession. Certain first-time offenders may be eligible for a conditional dismissal of charges–call our Indianapolis marijuana crime lawyer to learn more. For example, you could face the following penalties:

  • Possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana, can land you either a $1000 fine, up to 180 days in jail, or both. It is a Class B misdemeanor for your first offense.
  • Possession of any marijuana with a prior drug conviction is automatically at least a Class A misdemeanor. The potential fine jumps up to $5,000 and the possible jail time is a maximum of one year.
  • If you have a prior conviction for a drug offense, 30 grams or more could qualify you for a Level 6 felony. This is the lowest level of felony in Indiana, but still carries a hefty potential sentence of between 6 months and 2½ years, as well as a possible fine of up to $10,000.

Dealing or Distribution of Marijuana

Although there are specific statutes regarding simple possession of marijuana in Indiana, the lines become blurred if you are accused of possessing the drug with the intention to sell it. For this reason, it’s vital to retain a skilled drug crime lawyer who can refute prosecutor’s claims that you intended to sell marijuana. Consider the following consequences:

  • The distribution marijuana, or possession with the intent to sell, is a class A misdemeanor. With a prior drug offense conviction, this could jump to a Level 6 felony which carries up to 2½ years in prison and a significant fine of up to $10,000.
  • With a prior drug offense, an amount between 30 grams and 10 pounds can become a Level 5 felony with a jail sentence between one and six years, and/or a fine of up to $10,000.
  • For amounts of 10 pounds or more, it is automatically a Level 5 felony which carries a potential $10,000 fine, and a possible prison sentence between one and six years!

There are additional conditions for sale to a minor, or sale of marijuana in a school zone. Regardless of the amount of marijuana involved, these conditions will greatly increase the potential consequences if convicted.

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