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Aggressive Advocacy To Help Injured Motorcycle Accident Victims Recover

Every year in Indiana, about one in every seven traffic deaths ends the life of a motorcyclist. Given how vulnerable riders are on the road, it doesn’t take much speed or impact for riders to be catastrophically injured or killed in an accident.

At Zaki Ali, Trial Lawyers, we understand how devastating motorcycle wrecks can be, and we know that, all too often, these crashes could have been prevented if someone had been more careful. That’s why Indiana motorcycle accident attorney Zaki Ali is dedicated to helping victims:

  • Hold reckless drivers and others accountable for hurting riders
  • Protect their rights while helping them navigate the road to recovery
  • Recover the compensation they deserve so they can focus on rebuilding their lives

The sooner you contact attorney Zaki Ali, the sooner you can get experienced help pursuing the justice and financial recovery you may deserve.

Who Was At Fault For My Motorcycle Accident?

Fault for motorcycle wrecks could lie with one or more parties, depending on the circumstances of a given crash. Generally, items like (but not limited to) the following can be helpful in making and supporting fault determinations for motorcycle crashes:

  • Crash scene photos and/or videos
  • Witness statements
  • Tire marks on the road
  • Police reports
  • Cellphone records
  • Results of any blood alcohol testing

Depending on the evidence, parties like (but not limited to) the following may be found at fault for motorcycle wrecks — and, consequently, liable for compensating victims:

  • Other riders
  • Passenger vehicle drivers
  • 18-wheeler drivers
  • Road construction crew
  • Road maintenance crew

How Long Do I Have To File A Motorcycle Accident Case In Indiana?

Indiana law provides two years for victims to file motorcycle accident cases and seek compensation for their injuries, losses and suffering. This two-year timeframe, the statute of limitations, starts as of the date of the accident or the date of any death resulting from the accident. When it comes to the statute of limitations for motorcycle accident cases in Indiana, it’s also crucial to know that:

  • There may be some exceptions.
  • If the statute of limitations expires (i.e., victims try to file after the two-year deadline has passed), their cases can be dismissed.

The longer injured riders wait to file, the more difficult it may be to prove their claim. This is generally because less evidence may be available as weeks and months pass after an accident. (e.g., photos can get lost, witnesses can forget, etc.).

Do I Really Need An Indiana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer To File A Claim?

Yes, you need Indiana Motorcycle Accident Attorney Zaki Ali if you want:

  • The strongest possible case
  • Tenacious advocacy and responsive service throughout your case
  • The confidence and peace of mind that your case will be set up for the best possible outcome

With Indiana lawyer Zaki Ali on your side, you’ll have a true ally in your corner, fighting to help you recover the full compensation you may deserve. While compensation from motorcycle accident cases can’t erase permanent injuries and losses, it can help victims and families start to heal.

Find out more about how Indiana personal injury attorney Zaki Ali can make all the difference in the strength and outcome of your case during a free, no-obligation consultation. Call 765-252-1539 or email attorney Zaki Ali now to schedule a FREE phone, virtual or in-person consultation.