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Indianapolis Underage DUI Attorney

In many ways, underage drinking and driving violation penalties can be considered harsher than standard DUI punishments. Because Indiana has a zero-tolerance policy when concerning underage drivers – this means that any driver under the age of 21 must have a blood alcohol content level of 0 – even having a BAC level of .01 is considered intoxicated and is punishable under the law.

If you are underage and have been arrested for driving under the influence, our Indianapolis underage DUI attorney, Zaki Ali, can provide the representation you need to protect your future.

Increased Punishments For Underage Drivers

Underage drivers who are convicted of a DUI can also face illegal alcohol possession charges, similar to situations in which an individual driving under the influence of illegal drugs would receive additional charges. Because the individual was underage, it is assumed that they were in possession of the alcohol in order to consume it. Underage DUIs are a serious matter and receive harsh punishments, including:

  • First offense underage DUIs can result in a 90-day suspension of driving privileges if the individuals’ BAC levels are lower than .08
  • For a second offense underage DUI with low BAC levels, the individual faces 180 days of suspended privileges, plus fines and possible jail time
  • For BAC levels higher than .08, an underage DUI will result in a two-year suspension of driving privileges for a first-time offense
  • For BAC levels or higher on a second offense, an underage DUI will result in a five-year suspension of driving privileges

Underage DUIs can result in further punishments for other violations, such as contributing to the delinquency of a minor and restricted driving curfew.

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