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Attorney Zaki Ali

Dedicated To Legal Excellence. Dedicated To You.

Case Results For Zaki Ali, Trial Lawyers

The following page contains information from past clients about cases handled by attorney Zaki Ali. This information has not been reviewed by the Indiana State Bar. The facts and circumstances of your case are unique and may differ from the cases described on our website. Additionally, not all client reviews have been provided in this list. Every case is different, and each client’s case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits. The experiences of past clients are not to reflect the potential of future cases.

Dealing In Counterfeit Substance

  • Case Result: Six months on unsupervised probation
  • Facing: Six years
  • Client: C.A.

Criminal Confinement, Battery Resulting In Bodily Injury (2 Counts), Intimidation

  • Case Result: 18 months with six-month work release
  • Facing: 30 years
  • Client: J.S.

Operating While Intoxicated, Improper Display

  • Case Result: Fines, Costs, and Fees – no probation
  • Facing: 60 days
  • Client: F.B.

Criminal Confinement Resulting In Bodily Injury

  • Case Result: Mistrial
  • Facing: 10 years
  • Client: D.A.